Dynamic Simulation

PI has extensive experience in many facets of dynamic simulation in both brownfield and greenfield environments in both the UK and internationally. This includes simulating operating equipment applied to isolated or full systems, or in analysis of under-performing process equipment both onshore and offshore.

We model the control systems and process variables in order to assess the impact on the process from upset conditions; benchmarked against operating conditions. The object is to optimise control, by improving efficiency and minimising or mitigating the impact of upset process behaviour. This can be undertaken at various stages of project development, including design to operations support.

We use the most appropriate tool for the requirement, including Aspentech HYSYS, UniSim, Varisim and PipeNet. We can link OLGA models to topsides simulations in order to provide well-to-export dynamic simulation, to quantify surge or slugging impact on processing facilities.

Typical applications

  • Emergency shutdown
  • Surge
  • Slugging
  • Water hammer
  • Start-up and shutdown
  • Flare design
  • Pressure relief
  • Compressor optimisation
  • OPPS and HIPPS (Over Pressure Protection and High Integrity Pressure Protection)

Typical equipment

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Valves
  • Flare systems

Typical software

  • Aspentech HYSYS
  • UniSim
  • Varisim
  • PipeNet