Operations Improvement

It is not unusual for plants have an in-built design margin that is not ‘visible’ to an operator. Equally, incomplete commissioning and poor control can lead to false operating constraints whilst bottlenecks often emerge as process conditions change with time. Whatever the cause the result is under-performance with lost revenue due to reduced throughputs, poor up-time and a lot of wasted effort fire-fighting problems.

Our customers’ operational problems can also lead to a lot of trouble-shooting man-hours for core teams. We recognise that getting operator personnel to remote sites can present logistical problems as well as an increase in cost. To alleviate these issues, our process team has been successfully applying our tailored remote monitoring systems to provide early indication of incipient failure, highlight drift from optimal performance, and flag incorrect operation. Read more about our remote monitoring system here.

With our extensive expertise and experience of hands-on plant operation, our team specialises in improving our customers’ operational performance in terms of production, skills, safety and compliance; and ultimately the bottom line profit. Whichever approach is taken, we ensure an effective review of the design and operation of the facility takes place, enabling us to determine the root cause of any problems and to formulate practical and low-cost solutions that improve our customers’ plant performance.