Performance Trials

We have significant experience of conducting plant performance trials (including compressor performance and surge trials and surge control tuning) to establish true physical constraints, once formal plant rate reviews have established it is safe to operate above original design nameplate capacities. PI has a track record in collecting and analysing loss reporting data to drive uptime performance improvements.

It is not unusual for plants have an in-built design margin that is not ‘visible’ to the operator. Equally, incomplete commissioning and poor control tuning can lead to false operating constraints, and as process conditions change with time, bottlenecks often emerge. Whatever the cause, the result is underperformance with lost revenue due to reduced throughputs, poor uptime and a lot of wasted effort fire-fighting problems.

At PI, we recognise that getting personnel to operational sites can present logistical problems as well as being costly. Operational problems can also mean that the most scarce and useful of operator resources – its workforce - is tied up troubleshooting. So why not let PI deal with the problems?